Building Inspections

Queenstown Lakes District Council will make an assessment of the types of inspections which we will require during the construction of the building. This is not an exhaustive list, and additional inspections may be required depending upon the particular construction method used and the timetabling involved. Work can not proceed past each step until that step has been inspected and approved.

You will receive a letter when your building consent is issued, which is headed “General Consent Information and Site Inspection Requirements”. This letter provides details about the process and requirements for inspections to be undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the owner or their agents to notify QLDC that the building work is ready for inspection. Most commonly this notification would come from the builder and/or plumber undertaking the work. A copy of the stamped approved plans must be kept on site for any inspection to be done.

A record of the inspection is completed on site by  the building officers using our mobile inspection system and a copy of the record is emailed to a nominated person on site. This provides information on what was inspected and the outcome of that inspection, which may detail follow up actions or reinspection  of the work needed prior to continuation of the work.

In addition to the inspection by QLDC, it may also be necessary, for external experts to conduct their own inspections, such as having structural elements checked by a chartered professional engineer, or specific product installations checked by manufacturers during their installation or application. Where this is the case, a producer statement (PS4) will be required to be provided with an application for Code Compliance Certificate.

Site Inspection Information

  • The booking of such an inspection must be made at least one full working day prior to the next required inspection.  Earlier notification would be appreciated.  If the work is restricted building work please quote the name of the Licensed Building Practitioner.

  • Work cannot proceed past each step until that step has been inspected and approved.

  • At the time of processing your Building Consent, we have made an assessment that at least the following types of inspection are required to be undertaken. This is not an exhaustive list, and additional inspections may be required depending upon the construction method(s) and timetable. At times more than one of the inspections on this list can be done at one site visit.  Please be clear that this is preferred at time of booking so that enough time can be allowed.

  • Availability of inspections in outlying areas may be restricted to certain days.

  • Additional inspections by other specialists as scheduled in the building consent documents (eg – engineers,) may be required. In this case general Producer Statements may be accepted as verification of compliance with the Building Code. However failure to gain prior approval from Queenstown Lakes District Council for 3rd party inspections or provision of Producer Statements may result in Queenstown Lakes District Council l not being able to issue the Code Compliance Certificate. 

Once a final inspection is carried out, you will be advised if there are any matters that still need to be attended to, and you may be issued with a Notice to Fix. Once any outstanding matters are rectified (and reinspected if needed), you can apply for your CCC.