Parking Infringement Waiver Form

Parking Infringement Waiver Policy

Before filling out the waiver form below, please read the Parking Infringement Waiver Policy.

The Council will only waive tickets for the following offences where extenuating circumstances apply: 

  1. Parking on a broken yellow line, taxi stand or disabled park.
  2. Parking on an expired meter or in excess of purchased time period in a Pay & Display car park.
  3. Parking in a Pay & Display car park without purchasing a parking coupon.
  4. Parking in excess of the allowed time in a restricted parking area.
  5. Double parking.
  6. Parking on a Bus Stop or within 6 meters of an indicated Bus Stop.
  7. Parking on a loading zone when not; a) Having a registered goods service vehicle, or,b) Displaying a Loading Zone Certificate, or, c) Being of the class of vehicle allowed to park on zone
  8. Parking in a No Stopping or Prohibited Area.
  9. Any other parking offences detailed in the Council’s Traffic and Parking Bylaw and the Transport Act 1962.

For failure to display a current WOF or registration label the new WOF or registration label must be attached to the request for waiver.

Any requests for waiver from the above or other offences must:

  1. Be in writing (online form below). You can of course seek a waiver by letter.
  2. Give your name and address.
  3. Give the ticket number and/or the registration number of the vehicle.
  4. Give the reason why you believe extenuating circumstances apply.

Please leave hardcopy waiver requests with the reception staff at either the offices of the Queenstown Lakes District Council or mail them to Parking Administrator, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag 50072, Queenstown.


Parking Infringement Waiver Request Form

Please note: Questions marked * require an answer in order to make a waiver request.

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I parked the vehicle where it incurred the above notice(s):

Disclaimer: By submitting this form I certify and acknowledge that the information stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further acknowledge that if I have provided incorrect or misleading information to support my application for a waiver that I could face fraud or dishonesty charges in the courts.