Register as a Holiday Home

Please note: A resource consent is required to operate as a holiday home. Please provide your resource consent number here. If you do not have a resource consent number, please contact the QLDC Resource Consents team on 03 441 0499 Queenstown / 03 443 0024 Wanaka or email

In accordance with the provisions of the Operative District Plan, I/We hereby make application for registration of a residential unit as a Registered Holiday Home as described below:

Owner Details

Property Management Company (if managed by a separate company)

Holiday Home Details

NB: at least one carpark must be available for guests at all times

NB: Remember as per your questions and answers a holiday home is only when you are NOT present at the property at the same time as your guests and you must;

  • Not be a multi unit building
  • Have a minimum stay of 3 nights
  • Not have more than two people in the same bedroom
  • Not be letting your site over 90 days throughout the whole year (multiple visits totalling 90 days)

Please note. Fields with an asterisk * cannot be left blank

Application and Declaration

The Council relies on the information contained in this application being complete and accurate. The Applicant must take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is complete and accurate and accepts responsibility for informationin this application being complete and accurate.

Please check the following applicable boxes if you agree to the terms.

If lodging this application as agent of the Applicant, I/we hereby represent and warrant that I am/we are authorised to act as agent of the Applicant in respect of the completion and lodging of this application and that the Applicant is aware of all of his/her/its obligations arising under this application.

** If this form is being completed on-line you will not be able, or required, to sign this form and the on-line lodgement will be treated as confirmation of your acknowledgement and acceptance of the above responsibilities and liabilities and that you have made the above representations, warranties and certification.