Scuttlebutt is QLDC's bi-monthly newsletter which goes out to residents and ratepayers. The latest issue can be found on this page and printed versions are also placed in local newspapers.

Online versions are available before printed versions are out so bookmark this page if you'd like to be in the know!

September 2018

August Scuttlebutt Cover

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The September issue features

  • Our local good sorts
  • Masterplan progress
  • The latest from the Chambers
  • Cleaning up our recycling
  • Responsible Camping Strategy

and much more!


July 2018

Scuttlebutt cover image for website

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The July issue features

  • Representation Review
  • The latest from the Chambers
  • Alpine Fault 
  • Masterplan Momentum

and much more!

May 2018

May Cover Image2


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The May issue features

  • Exciting news on the Wanaka Pool opening
  • The latest from the Chambers
  • Queenstown Gardens Development Plan
  • LUMA just around the corner! 

and much more! 

March 2018

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The March issue features

  • Details on the Council's Freedom Camping Clampdown
  • Parking changes happening soon
  • Wanaka Pool update
  • Census information 

and much more! 

December 2017 

Scuttlebutt Cover for website

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The December issue features

  • District Plan Stage 2 out now! 
  • Mayoral Christmas message
  • Council Holiday Services
  • Fire Restrictions 

and much more! 

October 2017

October 2017 cover

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The October issue features

  • Queenstown's new bus service
  • Queenstown Gardens Development Plan
  • District-wide economic development fund
  • Wanaka Pool update

and much more! 

August 2017cover for website

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The August issue features

  • A celebration of the 150th anniversary of Queenstown Gardens
  • Spring Planting events
  • Tips for cutting back Broom on your section
  • New Building Services Manager Profile

and much more! 

June 2017

June Scuttlebutt front page
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The June issue features

  • Information on the webcam and weather station coming to the Crown Range
  • Wanaka Ward By-Election
  • Changing the face of parking in Frankton 
  • A bit of history on the Arrowtown Gaol

and much more! 

May 2017


The May issue of Scuttlebutt features

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February 2017



The February issue of Scuttlebutt features

  • Queenstown Master Plan
  • Progress on the Eastern Access Road
  • Changes to the Food Act
  • 12 Days of Emergency Preparedness
    .......and more!

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December 2016



The December issue of Scuttlebutt features

  • New Year's Eve Events
  • Plan Your Travel
  • Dog Registration Amnesty
  • Colour Burst
    .......and more!

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October 2016

Scuttlebutt Oct 2016 thumb

The October issue of Scuttlebutt features:

  • New Team, New Term
  • All Go on the Eastern Access Road
  • Freeing Up Carparks
  • One Step Closer to New Pool in Wanaka

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June 2016

Scuttlebutt June 2016 1

The June issue of Scuttlebutt features:

  • Wanaka's New Recreation Centre
  • We Want You!
  • New Traffic Webcams
  • Glass Recycling in the Wakatipu
  • Arrowtown Fire Trucks
    ........and more!

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May 2016

May Thumbnail

The May issue of Scuttlebutt features:

• Should Coronet Forest be Harvested Early?
• We Hear you!
• Building Fees
• Can't We All Just Get along!
• Dress Warmly and See Queenstown Sparkle
......and more!

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