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20 Mar 20, 2019

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Easy Ways to Compost

Keen to reduce waste and feed your soil? This free composting workshop hosted by Hawea's own Dr Compost looks at three easy methods: cold (or traditional backyard) composting, Bokashi bins and worm farms. Whether you're just getting started or want to make your composting system work better, this workshop is for you.

Discover which method will suit you best, and tips to make your composting fail-safe. Get all the know-how to turn your food and garden waste into nutrients to feed your plants and soil.

Composting can free you from the need to use plastic bins in the rubbish bin, because putting food scraps in the compost takes the smelly element out of your rubbish bin. Food scraps and green waste can break down in the landfill and release methane, a nasty climate change gas :(

But back to the good stuff - compost is not only good for the environment, it's an amazing tonic for your garden which will make it flourish as never before. Compost is the key to growing your own food, especially in our hot, dry climate. It not only feeds plants and boosts the microbial activity in the soil, it also helps soil hold moisture and resist drought.

Dr Compost, aka Ben Elms, has been gardening and composting in our region for over 20 years. He's made many mistakes, and learnt lots of lessons along the way, which he enjoys sharing in this informal and entertaining workshop. Don't forget to register for an online ticket as the Dr Compost workshops are very popular and we have limited space at this venue.

The Dr Compost home-composting project is funded by Queenstown Lakes District Council and delivered by Wastebusters.

Past event.


6:00pm – 8:00pm


Mar 20, 2019


St Johns Roads


4 Link Way, Wanaka

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