Health and Safety / Risk Management at Events

Your Health and Safety Responsibilities 

Everyone wants to feel safe when they attend an event right?

But you might not realise that as an event organiser, you have a duty of care towards all of the people associated with the event. That could be anyone from workers and volunteers to attendees.

So that means you need a plan to make sure everyone is kept safe.

This section helps you get to grips with your responsibilities and provides tips to help with your health and safety planning. Remember, if you need help at any time, just call Jan or Marie at the Council Events office for a chat. The number is 03 441 0499 or email


It’s not scary; it’s just about good planning and thinking about potential risks

Events of any size can have potential risks and hazards. Anything from weather conditions, large numbers of people, traffic, equipment or even the mood of attendees can have an effect. And once you’ve got a plan, you can relax!

A great event doesn’t avoid risks, it manages them. And more often than not, it’s just common sense. Here’s a step by step guide:

Step 1 - Identify the hazards and risks
Step 2 – Figure our who might be harmed and how
Step 3 - Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
Step 4 - Record your findings and include them in your Health and Safety Plan
Step 5 - Review your assessment and update if necessary


It’s the law

We’re not talking about health and safety planning for fun. It’s required by law and is incredibly important for a successful event. The current relevant Acts are:

You’ll also find more information about your responsibilities on the Worksafe NZ website

Worksafe NZ also offer information and a compliance certificate for anyone planning to have Fireworks or an Outdoor pyrotechnics display.

Preparing a Health and Safety Plan

Here are some ideas about what to address in your Health and Safety Plan:

  • What are the risks involved with your event and how are they managed?
  • How are Health and Safety issues and responsibilities communicated?
  • Do workers and volunteers have the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely? Ifnot, who will be supervising them?
  • How will you report and record accident and incidents?
  • How will you deal with emergency situations?
  • Can you ensure contractors, partners and suppliers uphold their safety obligations?
  • Are tools and equipment used at the event safe? For example built stages, inflatabledevices, amusement rides etc.


Need help?

We’re happy to help you work through your Health and Safety Planning. Just get in touch with Jan or Marie at the Council Events Office - call 03 441 0499 or email to arrange a time to chat.

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