Film Permit Queenstown Lakes District

Filming in the wider Queenstown Lakes District

Film Otago Southland is the regional film office for the area, providing information, facilitation and support for film productions in Queenstown & the wider Otago and Southland region.

They can help you with initial enquiries related to filming in the region, including film permits, locations, location access, crew and equipment, and more.

It’s also highly recommended that you engage a locally-based line producer or location scout/manager. They have valuable local knowledge, and can assist with: permitting applications, location recommendations, legal requirements, accepted work practices, visa applications, tax, insurance and all other aspects of production.

Film Office Contact:
Phone: +64 3 441 0475

Industry Directory for Hiring Local Crew:


Filming on Queenstown Lakes District Council Land

Any commercial filming that takes place on Queenstown-Lakes District Council land (including roads) will first require an approved film permit from council. You may also require resource consents for bigger and/or long-term productions.

Applying for QLDC Film Permits:

If you have selected your filming locations and are ready to apply for a council film permit, you will need to have the below information prepared to supply. Once completed, film permit applications can be sent to APL Property, who process film permits on behalf of Queenstown-Lakes District Council. Your permit will not be valid until it is signed and approved by council, and you cannot film until you receive this.

APL Contact for Film Permit Applications:
Lenka Galbova:

Required Information:

  • Completed QLDC Film Permit application – note: please complete and return in Word format without signature
  • Specific locations clearly identified - you must be as specific as possible with your locations, rather than indicating general areas such as ‘downtown Queenstown’ or ‘lakefront’ (see section below: Using Council Maps)
  • Detailed map showing where/how the location will be used
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate
  • Health & Safety plan
  • A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) - if filming on a road
  • CAA Part 102 certification - if using a drone (see section below: Drones)
  • Harbour Master notification - if filming on the water surface

Using Council Maps:

Council’s GIS property mapping system can be a helpful tool to determine property boundaries and determine who owns the land you wish to film on. By selecting the ‘Recreation’ tick box, then ‘Reserve Land’ on the layers list can be a good starting point for determining which land is QLDC reserve land. Note: this is to be used as a guide and confirmed when making your permit application.

gis map example



Filming with Drones:

QLDC currently only allows drone use on or over council land when a film permit has been approved and the pilot has CAA Part 102 certification. Find out more here.


To find out more about parking in the district, please visit the QLDC Parking Permits page here.


Filming at Airports

Filming at QUEENSTOWN & WANAKA AIRPORTS requires a permit from the Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC).

For more information:

*Note: This above permitting information refers to filming on QUEENSTOWN-LAKES DISTRICT COUNCIL LAND only. For filming on Department of Conservation land, LINZ Pastoral land, private land, or outside of the QLDC region, please contact Film Otago Southland for more information.

The Location Access page on their website also provides useful information on filming in the wider Otago and Southland region.