Consent for Tents, Marquees and Similar Lightweight Structures

If your event will involve tents, marquees or similar lightweight structures, we recommend you check the Building Act to understand whether consent is required.

First and foremost, if your proposed tent/marquee fits the Building Act 2004, Schedule 1, Item 5 as below, then Building Consent or application for exemption is not needed.


Where the proposed tent/marquee does not fit the above criterial for one or more reasons, then an exemption can and usually is granted under Schedule 1, Item 2.


More information

Further details on exemptions to Building Consent requirement are provided by Building Services here.

How to apply?

Complete the form below.

Include all relevant documentation relating to the event and the tent/marquee with it. List this in the 'Document Checklist' section:

The fee for exemption is $285, as of 01 Jul 18. Building Services fees are detailed here.

Submit completed applications by uploading to QLDC's Sharefile system here.

Ensure applications are saved in the specified format and with the correct file name, before uploading.


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