Getting The Facts On Rates

Apr 22, 2008

22 April 2008 - 4.02 pm

"This week was the communities opportunity to get the facts on rates in the Queenstown Lakes District with two drop in sessions planned for tomorrow and Thursday," QLDC general manager finance and deputy chief executive Stewart Burn said.

The sessions would be an informal opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

The proposed waste rate management charge, an area highlighted by the council as an important ratepayer issue, had attracted some early submissions.

"From the few submissions we have seen, we see the need to better explain the components of the charge, this week will be a good opportunity to talk that through with our communities," Mr Burns said.

The waste management charge of $269 is applied to all households but it needed to be clarified that the charge was made up of two different components.

"If you break it down, all properties pay $143. This pays the cost of providing all waste management infrastructure including the landfill, the depots and transfer stations. The remaining part of $126 pays for the collection service; both the recycling collection and the residual (rubbish) collection," Mr Burns said.

In other words, it would cost in total $2.40 per week to have the two bins supplied and emptied every week.

"Or, it is costing around $1.20 per household per week to have the residual waste collected under the proposed contract, using a dedicated wheeliebin,? Mr Burns said.

The council did not want to penalise good recyclers and wanted feedback on the proposed contract and charges.

The Wanaka drop in session will take place tomorrow from 3-6pm at the Lake Wanaka Centre. The Queenstown session will be held at the Queenstown Primary School from 3-6pm on Thursday.

Submissions on the draft Annual Plan close on 5 May, 2008.


For further information please contact Stewart Burns 03 441 0499

By: Tamah