Extra Million for Crown Range - New Processes Introduced

Feb 27, 2008

27 February 2008

New processes have been introduced to provide more robust project cost estimates, Queenstown Lakes District Council engineering services general manager Mark Kunath said.

However the tightening up of processes for future projects had not netted the current $7.5 million Crown Range upgrade.

"A combination of information gaps and a vast increase in scope has seen one of the three upgrade elements, namely the Crown Range realignment and rehabilitation budget, climb from $2.8 million to $3.8 million," Mr Kunath said.

A major component in the budget adjustment was the need to increase the work from two short sections of road to a 3.64km section.

"The urgent need to get this work underway meant the concept stage was set aside to reduce the design time. The result is that the cost was more than anticipated in the Council Community Plan," Mr Kunath said.

The council would be asked to approve the increase in budget at Friday's full council meeting.

"We have now put measures in place to ensure that a concept phase is completed for all roading projects and that all project cost estimates are considered for future projects," Mr Kunath said.

Meanwhile elected members would be asked to consider five options in connection with the Crown Range work at Friday's meeting, ranging from do nothing, to funding the additional budget.

"This is a key strategic route between Wanaka and Queenstown that was in need of an upgrade 2-3 years ago. I am recommending that the work be carried out to avoid further cost, delay and safety issues," Mr Kunath said.


For further information please contact Mark Kunath 03 441 0499.

By: Tamah