Malaghans Road Second Coat Seal Due

Dec 12, 2007

12 December 2007

The scheduled second coat seal of the Malaghans Road realignment project will be completed prior to Christmas, weather permitting, Queenstown Lakes District Council utilities committee chairman John Mann said.

"Fortunately the first coat seal has performed well, given the hot weather we have been experiencing. The hot weather actually works in our favour as it's necessary to bleed out contaminants prior to the second seal," Councillor Mann said.

All roads require a second coat seal, other roads receiving a pre Christmas second coat seal are Dalefield, Mt Aspiring and Riverbank Roads (completed).

Contractors had been keeping an eye on the Malaghans Road first coat, which had begun to show signs of 'stripping' at the end of last week, although an inspection today showed the road was continuing to hold up well.

All stripped areas would be reinstated with asphalt prior to the second coat seal being carried out.

The road would remain open during the reseal project; which is scheduled to take two days to complete, however some traffic delays should be anticipated during that time.

"We have been given an undertaking that the job will be completed before Christmas weather permitting," Councillor Mann said.

Meanwhile the continuation of hot days was likely to take its toll on roads in the district.
"Certainly if the hot weather continues as forecast you can expect to see some bleeding as the roads heat up and the stones get pushed into the soft bitumen," Councillor Mann said.

The effect was reminiscent of the sixties and seventies when hot temperatures equated to hot roads.

"It's a bit novel to see that happen again, given the changing climate of the last decade but should that be the case we will manage the roads and ask that motorists slow down in those conditions," Councillor Mann said.


For further information please contact John Mann 03 4421673 or engineering services General Manager Mark Kunath 03 441 0499.

By: Tamah