Sorting Plant Arrives at Recycling Centre

Sep 19, 2007

Kick off for kerbside recycling in the Wakatipu is drawing near, with today's arrival of a state-of-the-art sorting plant at the Wakatipu Recycling Centre in Glenda Drive, Frankton.

"The plant is fully automated.  Mixed recyclables will get loaded onto conveyor belts together and it will get sorted into different material types as they move through the plant," Queenstown Lakes District solid waste advisor, Dr Linda Wright said.

The plant, which uses the latest sorting technology, was imported from Australia and the United States and will be operated by Streetsmart Limited, who are one of New Zealand's larges recycling operators.

"We are on track for an October 22 start.  There is so much happening, things are really hotting up," Dr Wright said.

As well as the introduction of residential kerbside recycling collections which will be carried out by Otago Southland Waste Services, contractors Streetsmart and Wakatipu Waste Recyclers will also offer recycling collections to businesses in the Wakatipu.  If you own a business you are advised to call Streetsmart Limited on 03 451 0105 and Wakatipu Waste Recyclers on 03 442 4387.

Recycling containers and education packs would be delivered to all residents from October 1.

Most residents will receive a 140 litre recycling wheelie-bin, with the exception of areas with restricted access.

"Residents in some rural areas and high density apartments will receive a 60 litre recycling crate and residents living in the CBD will receive degradable recycling bags," Dr Wright said. "Letters have been sent to those residents informing them of how they can recycle."

Dr Wright urged residents to contact the Council if they hadn't received their recycling container and education pack by October 19.

Kerbside recycling will be on the same day as the current day for refuse collection.

"It's important that you put your recycling out on the kerb by 8am on the day of collection," Dr Wright said.  "And please make sure only washed recyclable materials go into your recycling container," she said.

Materials which are clean and not squashed allow the sensors throughout the plant to operate more effectively and reduce the need for manual sorting.

Recyclable materials included:

  • All paper and cardboard.  Large cardboard boxes can be dropped off free of charge at the    Wakatipu Recycling Centre.
  • Plastic containers 1-7.  Look for the recycling symbol.  Containers should be washed, not squashed and lids stay on.   
  • Tins and aluminium cans - washed not squashed.
  • Glass bottles and jars - washed with lids off.  Metal lids should be placed in the recycling container.

Non recyclables such as plastic bags, green waste or kitchen waste should not be placed in recycling containers.   Please reuse your plastic bags and make the effort to use reusable bags.  Green waste could be taken to the Transfer Station at Frankton and disposed of for a small fee and kitchen waste could go into a council subsidised worm farm at your home.

Click here for more information on recycling and worm farming in the Queenstown Lakes District.

"We are absolutely thrilled.  After years of hard work we will finally be recycling in the Wakatipu and will be coming close to our district target of 35% diversion from landfill by the end of this financial year," she said.

ENDS: for further information please contact Dr Linda Wright or Stefan Borowy on 03 441 0499

By: Tamah