Safety Concerns at Event Centre

Sep 12, 2007

Queenstown Event Centre staff are concerned it will take a serious accident before parents heed warnings not to park on the event centre access road," QEC operations manager Brett Paterson said.

"The number of children playing their associated sports on QEC fields has increased dramatically and unfortunately parents are starting to take the easy option of parking adjacent to fields, which poses a major risk to children," Mr Paterson said.

Parents were parking over yellow lines and 'no parking' cones down Joe O'Connell Drive, the QEC access road, which was also being used by trucks to access the aquatic centre site.

"There is ample parking in the main car park at QEC and no excuse for parents to flout the rules and put others at risk," Mr Paterson said.

Staff were regularly frustrated by parents, who shifted vehicles reluctantly on request, only to return their cars to the same spot once staff had gone.

"We really fear it will take a serious accident for parents to realise that this is a major safety hazard," Mr Paterson said.

Queenstown police had been advised of the problem and shared the event centre's concerns, senior sergeant John Fookes said.

"We will certainly be keeping an eye on the situation and would strongly urge parents to use the carpark provided," Mr Fookes said.


For further information please contact Brett Paterson 0272 451 536.

By: Tamah