Mail Error

Apr 26, 2006

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has identified a programming error which saw a small portion of its mailed rate invoices delivered to incorrect addresses QLDC financial manager Stewart Burns said.

Of the 17500 rate invoices we send out, several hundred were caught by a computer sorting glitch Mr Burns said.

The fault appeared to be confined to people with P O Box addresses or Private Bags.

In some cases ratepayers might receive invoices which are not theirs while others may not receive an invoice at all Mr Burns said.

People in receipt of the wrong invoices could either return them to the Council or throw them away.

We have been able to detect which ratepayers were affected and we will be resending those invoices.

By law Council needs to give a two week time frame in terms of giving notice of rate payment Fortunately we have always exceeded that time frame by several weeks so there is no issue with the rates instalment not due until May 26 Mr Burns said.

The glitch had now been addressed to ensure it could not reoccur.

Its a big job mailing out rates invoices and naturally we prefer to get it right every time Mr Burns said.

The Council apologised for any confusion or inconvenience caused by the error.


For further information please contact Stewart Burns 03 441 0499

By: Sarah