Albert Town Plan Change Comment Sought

Apr 19, 2006

Community feedback is being sought on a proposed Plan Change that would allow smaller residential sections to be developed in Albert Town.

"The aim of the Plan Change is to provide more housing opportunities for people in the wider Wanaka area, including affordable housing" QLDC Senior Policy Analyst Alyson Schuler said.

It was also hoped that the Plan Change would assist in achieving the community outcomes identified by the community in the Wanaka 2020 process, she said.

"This includes making sure that Albert Town develops as a self-contained community that is separate from Wanaka and making sure that new housing development is consolidated into sites that are in or close to existing urban areas rather than 'spilling out' into the rural environment" she said.

The land that was the subject of the Plan Change was known as 'Riverside Stage 6' and was owned by the Infinity Investments Group.

The site currently had resource consent for the development of 65 rural residential sections that were approximately 4,000 square metres or greater in size.

"The proposed Plan Change would enable Infinity to develop the land with smaller sections with an average size of approximately 800 square metres, which is consistent with the type of residential sections that are already in Albert Town" Ms Schuler said.

A discussion document had been prepared for public information and to enable feedback on the Plan Change.

A copy of the discussion document could be obtained from the Wanaka and Queenstown council offices, and was available on the council website

Information about the Plan Change could also be viewed at a 'public open day' at Albert Town Tavern from 4.30pm to 6.30pm on Saturday, April 22, 2006.

Representatives from the council, the developer and the consultant team would be available at the open day to discuss the Plan Change and get community feedback on the proposal.

Comments on the Plan Change need to be received by April 28, 2006.


For further information please contact Alyson Schuler 03 441 0499.

By: Sarah