Events funding round to open

Jun 28, 2013

A major boost to event funding in the Queenstown Lakes District will get underway  from Monday with a call for applications in the first round of event funding, QLDC Mayor Vanessa van Uden said.

“Events feed the local economy. You combine that with the fact that we live in one of the most desirable visitor locations on the planet, together with a healthy infrastructure capacity -  and the investment in events becomes a no brainer,’ Mayor van Uden said.

With the adoption of the revised QLDC Events Strategy in April and a healthy boost to funding agreed this week with the adoption of the 2013/14 Annual Plan, the Queenstown Lakes District’s commitment to events had turned a corner, she said.

“We will be injecting $700,000 into attracting and ensuring the success of major economic events, niche events, major community events and local community events. It’s a pretty modest investment when you consider the return,” Mayor van Uden said.

Just one major commercial event had the potential to attract up to 10,000 visitors and generate up to $10 million for the local economy.

“You have a $10 million contestable Central Government Major Event Fund available to cement the viability of events, such as the Winter Games - this Council needed to step up and show its commitment to events. There is a responsibility to foster success,” Mayor van Uden said.

Not only was Council putting cash on the table it would also be delivering an attractive event-friendly service.

“There will be staff dedicated to facilitate a ‘one stop shop’ for organisers, which will include a dedicated online service, that equates to a significant investment from QLDC to ‘in kind’ services,” she said.

Mayor van Uden also credited the work undertaken through the Shaping Our Future Events Forum and task force, which shaped the revised Events Strategy. “This was the first Shaping Our Future forum and is a testament to the success of the process,” she said.

Event funding applications for commercial and local community events would open from Monday (1 July). Applications were being called for both round 1 (events held in the period 29 July 2013 to 31 October 2013) and round 2 (1 November to 30 April 2014). Applications for round 1 would close on 26 July 2013, in order to fund winter/spring events in the current calendar year. Applications for round 2 would close on 30 August.

Local community events applying for $5000 or less could apply annually, at any time.

A panel consisting the Mayor, a Councillor, the Chief Executive, Lake Wanaka Tourism GM, Destination Queenstown CE  (also representing the Arrowtown Promotion and Business  Association) - and where events are of national significance or subject to national funding, an independent (out of district) executive to act in an advisory capacity - would convene to consider applications under $30,000, twice a year. In the event that applications seek in excess of $30,000, the panel would make a recommendation for consideration by Council.

Information, including, funding criteria is now available on the Council website Application forms will be available from Monday (1 July) 2013 with enquiries to 


 For further information please contact Mayor van Uden 027 229 6008 or Chief Executive Adam Feeley 021 333 539.


By: Jo Blick