Suffolk Street consultation

Jun 20, 2013

The Queenstown Lakes District Council will consider a compromise regarding the proposed Suffolk Street community housing project when the matter is considered next Tuesday (25 June 2013), QLDC Regulatory and Corporate General Manager Roger Taylor said.

 The Council called for feedback on the Community Housing Trust’s proposal to construct 10 rental properties on Council-owned freehold land.

 “A good number of comments were received (263) that largely fall into three categories. That has in turn informed a potential outcome,” Mr Taylor said.

 The feedback either: supported the CHT proposal; opposed the proposal because of perceived impacts on an alternative proposal for a rugby club/ community sports building; or opposed the proposal for amenity, economic or social reasons.

 “Two of these positions can be satisfied with a commitment that has been offered by the trust to stage development on the land so the rugby club has access to its existing facilities until the club’s new development is finished,” Mr Taylor said. 

The Council had identified that the two proposals were not mutually exclusive. “Both can be developed,” he said.

This left the third position, which was fundamental opposition to the housing trust proposal.

“In terms of this position it is very much a minority view, albeit clearly a strongly held one in some cases. Equally I would have to say many of the points made by those in favour of the proposal were equally passionate,” Mr Taylor said.

It was important to remember that the feedback process did not constitute a poll. “It has enabled a possible solution and that has proved incredibly valuable,” he said.

The recommendation to be considered by Council on Tuesday was:

  1. That Council agrees to the transfer of the freehold land at 11-21 Suffolk Street for the development of rented community housing subject to:
  2. Confirmation of funding from central government; and
  3. Reaching a suitable agreement with the Arrowtown Rugby Club regarding their continued access to their facilities until a replacement is available to them.
  4. That Council continues to work with the Arrowtown Community and Sports Centre Inc to establish a clubrooms and sports facility on Jack Reid Park.

Other options for the consideration of Councillor’s on Tuesday include:

  • Transfer the land to the CHT for the development of affordable rental housing.
  • Make the land available for the ACSC development.  In association with this option seek options for a swap of the freehold status on this land for reserve status and apply freehold to alternative land.
  • Sell the freehold titles on the market for the highest price.
  • Do nothing and continue to hold the land.


For further information please contact Roger Taylor 03 441 0499.



 Agenda Item

By: Jo Blick