Liquor Act changes

Jun 17, 2013

Tomorrow is a significant date in regards to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, with a number of important sections of coming into force, Lakes Environmental manager regulatory and corporate Lee Webster said.

 “The most significant change for licensees will be the introduction of new criteria for assessing all types of licences for both new and renewal applications,” Mr Webster said.

 The new criteria included consideration of: 

  • The design and layout of the premises.
  • Amenity and good order.
  • Current and possible future noise levels.  

“The District Licensing Agency (DLA) must take the new criteria into consideration when assessing all applications for licences received on or after 18 June 2013,” Mr Webster said.  The applicant would also need to demonstrate how their premises met the criteria.

 “In addition the density of licenced premises, i.e. how many premises there are in the area with the same kind of licence, must be taken into account, as must the compatibility of the premises with activities in the surrounding area,” he said. 

The changes included a requirement for a report from a Medical Officer of Health, along with recommendations from the police and Liquor Licensing Inspector. 

“Applicants need to ensure that they give sufficient time to process an application, which the agencies need to report on within 15 working days,” Mr Webster said. 


For further information please contact Lee Webster 021 608 114.


By: Jo Blick