QLDC Confirms Support for Major Events

Winter Festival Fireworks
Jul 2, 2014

Nineteen major events that will attract thousands of visitors to the Queenstown Lakes District will receive grants and in-kind support from the QLDC’s events fund in 2015-16.

They are a blend of new and existing events across the whole spectrum of cultural, sporting and community activities, to be staged in various locations in line with the Council’s events strategy.

The strategy enables the Council to facilitate, support and grow events in the District. Criteria for assessing applications include the size and significance of the event and plans for growing the event over time. Other important considerations include the media profile and the number of visitors an event will attract.

Mayor Vanessa van Uden said that events made a significant contribution to the District’s economy. “Events bring thousands of visitors to our community and they also offer locals the chance to see international entertainers and speakers or top level sports competitions without having to travel themselves, so there’s a dual benefit.”

Last week the Council approved the following levels of support events taking place between July 2014 and the end of June 2015:

•NZ Open Golf Championship, $100,000
•American Express Queenstown Winter Festival $75,000
•Challenge Wanaka, $40,000
•Blues and Roots Festival, $28,500
•NZ Rural Games, $27,731
•Queenstown Bike Festival, $25,626
•The Motatapu, $21,523
•The Iron Run, $15,604
•Red Bull Defiance, $15,000
•Wanakafest, $15,000
•Gibbston Wine and Food Festival, $15,000
•Arrowtown Autumn Festival $11,500
•Junior Rugby Festival, $8,430
•Rabbit Ridge 3-6-12 Hour Race, $7,900
•Gibbston Summer Concert, $5000
•Outspoken – Festival of Words and Storytelling $5000
The Council also approved three grants in anticipation of the 2015-16 financial year because of the timing of the events. They are:

•Audi Quattro 2015 Winter Games, $100,000
•Vintage Rugby Carnival, $12,720
•2015 NZ Mountain Film Festival, $10,680
The next funding round will be in April 2015. Applications for up to $30,000 are considered by the Events Funding Panel, while applications for larger amounts are determined by the full Council.



Contact Mayor Vanessa van Uden for further comment, 03 441 0499