Frankton Marina

Frankton Marina feb14 Poole
Jan 23, 2015

Queenstown Lakes District Council has resolved to proceed with a new marina at Frankton, recognising that it will provide an important piece of recreational infrastructure for the Queenstown Lakes community without requiring any ratepayer funding.

The Council has authorised staff to conclude negotiations with the developers of the marina with a view to executing a Development and Lease Agreement that will enable the marina to use the Frankton Marina Local Purpose Reserve, while maintaining public access to the Frankton track.

Chief Executive Adam Feeley said the development of a full marina at Frankton had been in the pipeline for years, with several previous proposals failing to be completed.

“The Council’s view is that this is a sound proposal and we hope to conclude a mutually agreeable proposal with the developers.”

A hearing to consider Lake Marina Projects Ltd’s application for a resource consent will resume before Commissioners next week.