Ladies Mile feedback

Aug 11, 2017

Community feedback on the potential to develop a section of the Ladies Mile is now available on the Queenstown Lakes District’s website.

In June 2017, council considered a proposal to consult with the community over the potential to add a Ladies Mile site to the Lead Policy for Special Housing Areas.

The council received 310 responses to the proposal with a reasonably evenly split range of views for and against.

Comments included invariably those who consider the location highly suitable through to those who didn’t. The need for more housing was raised in favour of the proposal while others cited the loss of rural character and amenity, and the potential for further traffic congestion as negatives. Some felt the Queenstown Country Club already set a precedent for development and the opportunity for additional affordable housing was a positive.  The impact on the Ladies Mile Pet Lodge was also raised as a concern.

A report on the feedback and proposed recommendation will be considered by Council on 17 August.



Feedback can be found at