Crown Range Road to remain closed overnight

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Feb 21, 2018

The Crown Range Road will be closed for the remainder of today (Wednesday, 21 February) and is expected to remain closed until at least tomorrow afternoon.

This is due to the immediate risk of a large rock at the 8.5km mark on the Queenstown side slipping onto the road, bringing large quantities of material down with it.

The area at risk will be reassessed by a geotechnical engineer in the morning with a view to undertaking helicopter sluicing to remove the rock and surrounding material.

The road will be reopened as soon as possible after this depending on the extent of any further damage that results.

Road access between Queenstown and Wanaka will be via State Highway 6 (SH6) through Cromwell. NZTA has advised that there are also small slips on this stretch of road and drivers are asked to drive to the conditions.

On the Queenstown side the closure begins at the junction of the Crown Range Road and SH6 near Arrowtown with access for residents only up to the Eastbourne Road area on Crown Terrace.

On the Wanaka side the closure begins at Cardrona, with advanced warning in place at the junction of Riverbank Road and Cardrona Valley Road just south of Wanaka township.

Please note the road was closed as an emergency and any vehicles that were already travelling were progressively advised as crews worked their way back to Queenstown and Wanaka.

The next update is expected around 10am tomorrow (Thursday, 22 February) and will be posted on the QLDC Facebook page.