Construction of new Bathhouse Playground underway

Queenstown Gardens Commemorative Playspace site plan
Jul 11, 2018

A new destination playground is now under construction in Queenstown, offering a premier, family-oriented draw-card at the CBD entrance to the Queenstown Gardens.

Known as the Queenstown Gardens Commemorative play space, the project will help to create a CBD that families want to congregate and spend time in, and celebrates the unique Queenstown environment.   

With over a million locals and visitors passing through the playground location every year, QLDC General Manager Community Services Thunes Cloete said it was important we provided a world class facility that aligns with the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan vision.  

“This project is about creating a family-friendly environment in a high profile, town centre location and a destination play space that can be enjoyed by children and adults from all over the district and the world. The designers have come up with a space that has an outstanding selection of play equipment that can be enjoyed for generations to come. It also sits beautifully within our unique natural environment with features such as climbing rocks, the use of wooden materials, riparian planting along the creek, extensive landscaping, and organic shapes throughout, whilst retaining shade and structure through the existing trees.”

The district has a growing community with a diverse range of wants and needs. The upgraded playground will be significantly bigger and include a range of both innovative and traditional equipment and natural opportunities for imaginative play suitable for all ages and abilities, including limited mobility. The project plan will see families and children enjoying the new play space in October 2018

Dr Cloete was delighted with the overwhelmingly strong support for the project and acknowledged the community funding received to complete the work.

“The revised cost of $999k to manage and build the playground includes a grant of $100k from the Central Lakes Trust and we would like to thank them for their generous support. The project will involve removal of the existing equipment, supply and installation of new play equipment, safety surfacing from recycled materials rather than the unpopular pea gravel, increased seating, and accessible walkways throughout,” he said.

Dr Cloete said safety and a need to revisit the original design have been huge factors through the process, resulting in an increased budget and delays in the delivery timeframe. 

“We had originally budgeted $670k to complete the project however this needed to increase to reflect the higher construction costs associated with meeting design and safety standards and to ensure the space would meet the needs of families now and into the future.”  

Dr Cloete confirmed that the project is being delivered on behalf of QLDC by John Fillmore Contracting Ltd (JFC Ltd), who were awarded the contract earlier this year.

“JFC Ltd has a strong reputation in delivering projects of this size and nature, and has recently delivered the Margaret Mahy play space in Christchurch so we’re confident that they will create a great play space in the heart of the CBD,” said Dr Cloete.