Councillors consider and endorse updated Draft Stakeholder Deed for proposed Hāwea SHA

Hawea map
Dec 14, 2018

At yesterday afternoon’s Full Council meeting, Queenstown Lakes District’s Councillors resolved to recommend to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development that the proposed Hāwea Special Housing Area (SHA) be established.

The Council considered a report with an updated Deed following the September Full Council meeting where Councillors requested further detail around how to better integrate the proposed SHA with the existing Hāwea township.

Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult advised he and the other Councillors had come to the meeting with an open mind about the proposal.

“We recognise the concerns of the Hāwea community and I would like to thank everyone who came to the meeting yesterday. This is a topic that has generated a lot of debate and it wasn’t an easy decision but we do have a housing affordability issue across our district,” said Mayor Boult.

“The questioning from Councillors showed they were genuinely testing this proposal and approaching this matter from a district-wide and local community perspective, as well as assuring themselves of the legal robustness and ability to deliver on affordable housing in the Upper Clutha area,” added Mayor Boult.

The report and updated Deed include two primary recommendations for integration – these are to confirm that Capell Avenue between Nichol Street and Cemetery Road would be formed and also to make some changes to the proposed community hub and to rename it as a ‘township services centre’.

QLDC General Manager Planning & Development Tony Avery advised these recommendations came about through a series of meetings with Hāwea stakeholders following on from the September meeting and in response to community feedback.

These meetings were facilitated by Councillors Scott Stevens and Quentin Smith and QLDC officers who met separately with the Hāwea Community Association, the Wanaka Community Board, the applicant, and three Hāwea land developers.

“I commend all parties we engaged with for their honesty and the ‘without prejudice discussions’ we had. I respect the HCA position to maintain opposition, however their input was nonetheless very insightful and appreciated,” said Cllr Scott Stevens.

“This decision by Council confirms that the presently unformed part of Capell Avenue will be constructed if the SHA proceeds, thereby ensuring an important physical link between the SHA and the other developments underway, and the main Hāwea township. If this SHA is given the greenlight by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, there is an agreement between Council and two of the developers that the roadwork would be jointly funded,” said Mr Avery.

The township service centre within the SHA area would have restrictions in place to limit the type of stores and services which are able to be there.

“The purpose of these restrictions would be to ensure these stores and services are complementary to and don’t detract from what is already established in the heart of the main Hāwea township,” Mr Avery added.


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