Feedback Sought On Gardens Tree Plan

Feb 28, 2012

Comment is being sought from the public on a report about long term planning for the trees in the Queenstown Gardens.

The Queenstown Gardens Sustainable and Healthy Tree Plan, undertaken by arborist Frank C. Buddingh, looked at the age, health and mix of trees currently planted in the Gardens and its surrounding shelterbelts. The plan is an initiative set down in the Queenstown Gardens Reserve management plan adopted last year.

Based on data obtained from a survey of all the significant trees in the Gardens, the report outlined a number of recommendations for their current and future management with an eye to making sure the Gardens continued to be a successful public park in terms of tree stock for decades to come.

“The report has identified what the requirements are for the long term health and sustainability of trees in the Gardens,” Queenstown Lakes District Council parks manager Gordon Bailey said.

“We’re well placed for the future but there is work to be done in a number of areas including improving the soil for our shelter belt trees and new tree planting for our ornamental species.”

“We also have to look at the issue of soil compaction, in particular that caused by foot traffic, and damage to trees caused by recreational activities,” he said.

Frisbee golf has been highlighted as an activity that impacted heavily on trees and the soil in which they grow. Mr Bailey said some hard thinking needed to be done as to how the activity was managed.

“It’s true to say that without the trees we would have no Gardens but we also have to weigh  that up against what people use the Gardens for.”

“It’s a place for recreation as well as contemplation and we have to find a balance between protecting the trees and allowing people to take part in activities they enjoy,” Mr Bailey said.

“We’re encouraging all Queenstown Gardens users to read the report and give us their views.”

Copies of the Queenstown Gardens Sustainable and Healthy Tree Plan are available from all QLDC offices and libraries and can also be downloaded at

Feedback closes on Friday 30 March, 2012 at 4pm.


For further information, please contact QLDC parks manager Gordon Bailey on (03)441 0499

By: Andrea Bunting