Earthquake Anniversary - Call To Action

Feb 16, 2012

The 22 February 2012 would be remembered in the Queenstown Lakes District and throughout the country as the sobering anniversary of the catastrophic Canterbury earthquake but QLDC Mayor Vanessa van Uden urged the community to do more than remember.

“As we look to our South Island neighbours and prepare to reflect on the challenges of the last twelve months it seems to me that we can make this date an annual milestone to prepare in another way,” Mayor van Uden said.

It seemed appropriate to call on the community to respectfully use the time before the anniversary to look to their own preparedness.

“If remembering the tragic loss of life on the 22 February 2011 and the continuing challenges that face the Canterbury communities does not spur people to think about how they would cope in the same circumstances then I don’t know what will,” Mayor van Uden said.

People of the Lakes District had just over a week to make sure they had equipped their homes with emergency food, water, torches and battery powered radios.

“This date will be with us all our lives and I think it is poignant to use the days ahead of the 22 February, every year to ensure that we have at the very least learned from Canterbury’s experience,” she said.

A full list of emergency kit items could be found on the Council’s website .


For further information please contact 03 4410499.

By: Andrea Bunting