Rainfall Advisory

Dec 28, 2010

Tuesday 28 December 1130 hours

 Otago heavy rain and flood warning

 Steady rainfall across the Otago region during the last few days has pushed lake levels and some river flows to higher than normal levels.

 Although rain is expected to ease, the MetService predict that showers will continue into the afternoon, with another 15-25mm of rain falling throughout the region.

 More than 100mm of rain has fallen at Makarora and at Glenorchy.  The levels of Lake Wanaka and Lake Wakatipu have climbed steadily.

 Lake Wanaka is predicted to reach 279.9 metres, which is below the level where flooding is possible in Wanaka township.

 Lake Wakatipu is predicted to reach 311.0 metres. 

 “The anticipated levels are not expected to in any way affect ‘business as usual’ for both towns,” Queenstown Lakes District Council communications manager Meaghan Miller said.

 The minor flooding was only expected to affect low lying reserve areas on the foreshore of Queenstown Bay, Lake Wanaka and Glenorchy and Kingston foreshores.

Minor flooding can occur in low lying areas of Queenstown and Glenorchy at 311.3 metres.

 High flows are expected downstream in the Clutha River as floodwaters drain from the lakes. These may affect low-lying areas alongside the river.

 ORC flood managers have advised farmers to move stock to safer ground.

 Campers are advised to beware of rapidly rising water levels.

 At this stage there are no problems with river flooding in eastern and central Otago.

 Elsewhere in Otago, the rain has provided some welcome relief.  40-50 mm has fallen in North Otago, which has lifted river flows in the Kakanui, Shag and Waianakarua Rivers.

Low flows in some Central and South Otago rivers have been relieved by approximately 50-60mm of rainfall.

 River level and rainfall information can be checked on the ORC water info webpage

www.orc.govt.nz/waterinfo or by phoning 0800 426 463


For more information contact:


ORC Duty Flood Manager

027 6022 735


Meaghan Miller QLDC

027 293 5321

By: Meaghan Miller