Wanaka Airport - Zoning for growth

Dec 20, 2010

Anticipated growth at Wanaka Airport has led to the notification of zoning changes, Queenstown Lakes District Council senior policy planner Ralph Henderson said.

“The proposed amendment of the two existing Wanaka Airport designations (Plan Change 26) will help give effect to the plan,” he said. 

Airport chief executive Steve Sanderson said the changes were supported by aircraft traffic forecasts for the next 30-years. “The master plan anticipates the growth of scheduled operations at Wanaka Airport and the development required to meet the demand,” Mr Sanderson said.

The plan change was about securing the long-term future of Wanaka Airport.  “By both updating noise provisions to reflect the changing nature of airport-use and expanding air-noise control boundaries, including a night noise boundary, to ensure development will not impinge on future operations,” Mr Henderson said. 

In parallel to the plan change the Council would be amending Wanaka Airport designation 64 Aerodrome Purposes and designation 65 Approach and Land Use Controls. 

The aerodrome purposes designation regulates activities within the aerodrome and will be extended to include land purchased to provide for future runway configurations as required. 

“The approach and land-use designation seeks to ensure the airspace around the airport is safe for the operation of aircraft by identifying areas that must be kept clear of buildings and obstacles,” Mr Henderson said. 

The plan change and notices of requirement had been notified at the same time to avoid confusion and because they were complementary processes that needed to be considered holistically.

“Due to the holiday period an extended period of submissions has been provided, closing 18 February, 2011. Anyone wanting to find out more should visit the Council website www.qldc.govt.nz,” Mr Henderson said

For further information please contact Ralph Henderson 03 441 0499 or Steve Sanderson 03 450 9056.

By: Andrea Bunting