Future Forum

Dec 16, 2010

Shaping the future of the Queenstown Lakes District started today, QLDC Mayor Vanessa van Uden announced.

“During the election campaign a promise was made around greater community engagement, leading to setting priorities and a different way of conducting business. We received a mandate at the polls in October and today was the beginning of our delivery of that promise,” she said.

The Mayor was joined today by a group of 30 people to take part in a preliminary forum to start to explore a broad range of areas within the framework of a sustainable future.

“The group we have brought together represents all parts of the district and all age groups and captures a diverse mix of roles, minds and opinions,” Mayor van Uden said.

The concept involved tapping into the expertise that existed in the community, eventually through some form of ongoing forum or forums to inform, prioritise and influence Council business. “This is not only viable, logical and above all affordable but it also means inclusive and transparent decision-making for this Council and this community,” Mayor van Uden said.

The workshop was also attended by QLDC chief executive Debra Lawson who welcomed the initiative.

“Our role in this as Council is clearly as a partner and it signals a potential change in the way that Council engages with the community it serves,’ Ms Lawson said.

Ms Lawson said the project was about building on the strengths and diversities of the district as a whole.

“Today was the first step on an ambitious journey that I hope involves every resident and every ratepayer at some point, as we mould the shape of our district’s future,” Mayor van Uden said.

The independently facilitated first session, held at Lake Hayes Pavilion, had been very positive. 

“There was good discussion and debate and that will now be developed into a process by the same group in February,” she said. From there, will be a wider conversation with the community in the New Year.

“I want to thank those individuals who took part today and look forward to continuing this work in the New Year,” Mayor van Uden said.


For further information please contact Vanessa van Uden 027 229 6008.


By: Jo Blick