Summer Water Restrictions

Dec 14, 2010

Irrigation restrictions will be implemented for Hawea and Arthurs Point residents, as the long hot summer continues.

“Last week we introduced an irrigation ban for residents connected to the Lake Hayes scheme after identifying a massive spike in water use,” Queenstown Lakes District Council general manager Mark Kunath said.

The ban was urgently introduced after water levels in reservoirs dropped significantly and could have threatened storage required for fire fighting capacity.

“I am delighted to say that Lake Hayes residents have heeded the ban and we are now seeing levels that can be managed as long as residents continue to adhere to hand watering their gardens in the evenings only,” Mr Kunath said.

The Council was grateful for the co-operation of that community.

“Unfortunately the situation is likely to continue until we see some significant rainfall, which does not appear to be on the imminent weather radar,” he said.

Close monitoring of all water supplies in the district had identified that a further two communities would receive notice this week of an irrigation ban.

“That will apply to the residents of Hawea and for the first time this year to the residents of Arthurs Point,’ Mr Kunath said.

The supplies are ample for the number of connections but the reservoirs can take a hammering once irrigation is introduced.

“Hand held watering, which is absolutely fine if carried out in the evenings, will use over 900 litres an hour; by comparison an irrigation scheme can use in excess of 14,000 litres an hour, at this time of year multiple irrigation systems are not sustainable,’ Mr Kunath said.

Although Hawea, Lake Hayes and Arthurs Point were now subject to an irrigation ban until further notice, water conservation was something that should be applied across the district.

“Water demand management is a big focus of our Council. The less water we use, the less cost for the community. If we can change the way we use water the community can collectively achieve a significant reduction in projected debt,’ he said.


For more information please contact Mark Kunath 03 441 0499.

By: Andrea Bunting