Update! Queenstown residents/business asked to urgently conserve water

Feb 17, 2010

At 12.30pm the Queenstown Lakes District Council was able to restore a pump at the 2 Mile Pump Station, after both pumps unexpectedly failed this morning. This resulted in a dramatic drop in the Fernhill Resevoir levels. The reservoir supplies the Queenstown CBD, Gorge Road, Queenstown Hill, Lake Esplanade and Gorge Road to Goldfields.

At 1pm council received notice from its engineers that the reservoir was beginning to fill again.

Thank you for your water conservation efforts to date. If water is conserved, the supply can be maintained.

It is imperative that water conservation continues throughout the remainder of today and through to midday tomorrow to allow the reservoir to replenish. The Council asks that people living or working in the area affected urgently conserve water.

Where possible/appropriate please ensure that:

  • Guests/ residents are not taking baths and only short showers if necessary. ·
  • Guests/residents are only flushing toilets when necessary. ·
  • There is no irrigation or external use of water at all for 24-hours. ·
  • Wherever possible use in kitchens and laundries is kept to a minimum for 24-hours

Thank you for your cooperation, the council is continuing to work on restoring the second pump. Please phone the Council on 03 441 0499 for further information.

Map of affected area: