Blind date with a book

Feb 8, 2010

With Valentine’s Day looming Queenstown librarians have seized on a ‘novel’ idea to keep the lonely hearts club at bay.

Queenstown card holders with a hankering for some company on the big day (14 February) need look no further than the local library.

“We had heard of it being done elsewhere and thought, that’s a great idea,” Queenstown library manager Robyn Robertson said.

Librarians were busy selecting and setting aside a number of ‘special’ books.

“We are choosing the books that we personally enjoyed or feel passionate about,” she said.

Those books would be gift wrapped in time for Friday 12 February, complete with bar codes on the outside.

“Then the card holder gets to choose a mystery book and take it home, it’s a blind date with a book,” Mrs Robertson said.

Although the selection was ‘bound to’ contain some romance, it would be a real mix of fiction and non fiction.

“Like any date, there’s an element of risk. We want to hear if the books were enjoyed by the readers as much as the librarians,’ she said.

Those heading out with a blind date would be invited share the experience.

“We are hoping people might send us a review that can range from one word to as many comments as people might choose to make,” Mrs Robertson said.

Any reviews received would then be posted to the library website


For further information please contact Robyn Robertson 03 441 0600