Feedback wanted on Ardmore and Brownston Street proposals

Dec 3, 2009

Proposed options for two key Wanaka streets will be available for public feedback from next week, Queenstown Lakes District Council infrastructure strategy manager Denis Mander said.

The council recently adopted the Wanaka Town Centre Strategy, which reflects work undertaken in the Wanaka 2020 process.

“The strategy flagged improvements to Ardmore and Brownston Streets. The council is now investigating changes to these streets and is asking the community for feedback,’ Mr Mander said.

Amongst the options being looked at were:

  • the installation of a roundabout at the Ardmore Street / Brownston Street intersection;
  • changes to parking on Brownston Street and on the lakefront;
  • possible changes to the Lakeside Avenue / Ardmore Street intersection;
  • some streetscape improvements on upper Ardmore Street.

“We will hold an informal drop-in session at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Thursday, 10 December from 8am to 10am to answer questions, show the options and get feedback,” Mr Mander said.

The information would also be available next week at the council office in Wanaka and on the council website

Feedback can be sent to the council (email with ‘Streets’ in the subject line) by 5 February 2010.

“I will then report on the feedback at the Wanaka Community Board meeting in March,” Mr Mander said.


For further information please contact Denis Mander 03 441 0499