Wanaka Town Centre Strategy Adopted

Nov 12, 2009

A strategy to provide direction for the future development of the Wanaka Town Centre was adopted by the Queenstown Lakes District Council last week, QLDC senior policy analyst Sue Mavor said.

In 2008, the council formed a working party made up of staff and community representatives, chaired by local Wanaka businessman Charlie Grant.

“The working party was tasked with consulting with the wider community and preparing a Wanaka Town Centre Strategy that also took into account all of the community planning work done in Wanaka since 2002,” Mr Grant said.

The council had a great response during consultation and the working party was confident that the final strategy reflected community desires for the future form of the Wanaka Town Centre.

“This strategy has a long term vision and includes a range of recommended actions to address a number of issues identified during this process, and the Wanaka 2020 process back in 2002,” Ms Mavor said.

Spanning 20 years, the strategy would require a staged approach to implement the recommendations.

Projects that had been prioritised and funded in the 10-year plan included:

  • Ardmore/Brownston Street Improvements Project, which includes work on:
  • Ardmore Street configuration, parking and streetscape.
  • Brownston Street improvements and streetscape.
  • Urban design masterplan for the lakefront area.
  • Improving pedestrian amenity along the commercial frontage to lower Ardmore Street.
  • Improving pedestrian connectivity between the town centre and the lake frontage.
  • The Lismore/Hedditch/Ballantyne Streets Project to improve access from the north to the east and vice versa.
  • Scoping of a district plan change to address vehicle and cycle parking issues in the Wanaka Town Centre.
  • Preparation of a town centre travel plan.
  • Scoping of a district plan change to address urban design issues, including ensuring development proposals can be assessed on the quality of design, the preparation of non statutory design guidelines, redefinition of the height rules and analysis of the flood provisions for the Wanaka Town Centre.

Ms Mavor highlighted that each of the projects would be consulted on in their own right.

“The working party has worked hard and has produced a comprehensive strategy.  I would like to formally thank them on behalf of the council for their commitment and effort in working with the community to prepare the strategy,” she said.

>> Wanaka Town Centre Strategy (pdf 1.79mb)


For further information, please contact senior policy analyst Sue Mavor, phone 03 441 0499.

By: Kiri