Poplar Trees

Sep 22, 2009

The Queenstown Lakes District Council will be asked to approve a recommendation to remove a line of aging Poplar Trees on Lower Shotover Road at next week’s full council meeting, QLDC parks manager Gordon Bailey said.

Last week during high winds, one of the trees fell, tragically killing a local farmer.

“We have now received an aborist’s report advising that a number of the trees in the row are in questionable health. With a line of trees like that it is not possible to remove one or two as that undermines the entire row. Under the circumstances we are seeking to remove the rest of the trees,” Mr Bailey said.

He said whilst the death had been a real tragedy, he would be reminding Councillors that the tree fall had to be viewed as a ‘freak accident’.

“In a strong equinoctial wind any tree either in good health or poor can succumb,’ Mr Bailey said.

On the meeting agenda, Councillors would also be asked to approve work on the preparation of an ‘issues and options paper’ for the future management of trees on and adjacent to roads.

“Potentially the job of cataloguing and managing the thousands of trees that line roads throughout our district is enormous but it’s something we need to give further consideration to,” Mr Bailey said.

The agenda item also sought to encourage the community to report potentially hazardous trees through the council’s recently overhauled request for service system.

“It’s as easy as a phone call to a Council customer service advisor. That request is then formally entered into the system and allocated to a staff member or contractor who is tracked and accountable,’ Mr Bailey said.

The removal of the Lower Shotover trees was expected to cost between $50,000 to $80,000.

A landscape impact assessment would be tabled at next week’s meeting.


For further information please contact Gordon Bailey 03 441 0499.

By: Kiri