Safety Beacons Targeted

Aug 18, 2009

The stupidity of two men caught red-handed trying to either detach or steal a safety beacon on Lake Wakatipu, last week, has the Queenstown Lakes District harbourmaster Marty Black seeing red.

“During broad daylight these guys were spotted interfering with the new safety beacons installed in the ‘narrows’ of the lake, off the Queenstown Gardens,’ Mr Black said.

A water taxi driver, who rounded the bend, observed the men acting suspiciously last Thursday at 1pm.

“The stupidity of some people constantly amazes me,” Mr Black said.

The water taxi did not stop but the observation was enough to disturb the men, who made off.

“We have a number of vessels visiting from outside the area. The safety beacons are there to protect unsuspecting boaties, day and night. The consequences of this kind of mindless act could be extremely serious,” Mr Black said.

On inspection it was found that two out of three bolts had been removed from one of the beacons.

“Interfering with any navigational sign, be it a buoy or a beacon, is a serious offence,” Mr Black said.

He would be very interested in talking to anyone with any information about the two men, who were travelling in a blue and white runabout.


For further information please contact Marty Black 0274 345 289.

By: Kiri