Plan Changes to be Notified This Month

Aug 5, 2009

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has reached a decision to notify three Plan Changes this month, QLDC Mayor Clive Geddes said.

The Plan Changes relate to the Arrowtown urban boundary (Plan Change 29), urban boundaries in general (Plan Change 30) and an amendment to noise standards (Plan Change 27A).

“The Council now has reached a position where it needs community input into these Plan Changes,” Mr Geddes said.

In order to give the community adequate time to understand and engage in the Plan Change process, it had been agreed to extend the submission time beyond the statutory time frame.

All three Plan Changes would be notified on 19 August. The noise amendment Plan Change would close off after 20 working days (as required) but the two more significant Plan Changes would allow for a seven week submission period, closing off on 9 October.

“This gives not only the Arrowtown community sufficient time to fully engage in the process but all communities,” Mr Geddes said.

It was the Council’s intention to introduce urban growth boundaries across the entire district.

“This has significance whether you live in Makarora or Kingston,” Mr Geddes said.

He also reminded residents who had already furnished comment on the Council’s discussion paper around the urban boundary issue that they would need to now get involved in the next phase.

“The comments and feedback have been a valuable guide to finalising the proposed Plan Change but the actual decisions will be taken around the submissions. It’s effectively a new process,” Mr Geddes said.


For further information please contact Clive Geddes 03 441 0499.

By: Kiri