Major diesel spill - reminder for drivers

Jul 30, 2009

Diesel that was spread widely throughout the streets of Queenstown today was likely to have been the act of an unsuspecting driver, Queenstown Lakes District Council harbourmaster Marty Black said.

“It was a major spill affecting a number of streets in the town, in some places the spill was two metres wide,’ Mr Black said.

He could only surmise that the spill was caused by an unsuspecting driver leaving a fuel cap off.

“Innocent or not, in these cases, potentially there can be a significant clean-up cost and a fine,” Mr Black said.

Council’s horticultural team and roading contractor were out this morning containing the spill in several locations with lime and sand application.

“Hopefully we have contained the spill and prevented the diesel from entering the lake via the stormwater system,” Mr Black said.

The Council was grateful to members of the public for immediately reporting the spill.

As a result, Lakes Environmental had entered into discussions with a bus company and an investigation would be ongoing.

“It should act as a reminder to all drivers,’ Mr Black said.


For further information please contact Marty Black 0274 345 289.