Pothole season in decline

Jul 24, 2009

Queenstown Lakes District Council roading manager Ian Marshall is excited by the emergence this week of potholes.

Pothole ‘season’ traditionally gets underway with the emergence of warmer weather in the district and the start of the annual thaw.

“The roads freeze in May and June and with the sudden rise in temperatures and rain we have been used to seeing the onset of potholes in July,” Mr Marshall said.

However the Council’s dedicated road rehabilitation programme meant the problem had this year been mostly confined to areas about to undergo upgrades, namely Malaghans and Gorge Roads.

“The good news is that potholes around the basin are in decline and where they have appeared we are already scheduled to work in the spring,” Mr Marshall said.

Meanwhile contractors would need to ‘nurse’ the damaged road surface through the remainder of winter.

“Our contractor is patching the holes but it’s in no way a permanent fix and we don’t want to spend a lot of money before the total rebuild,” Mr Marshall said.

He asked motorists to slow down on damaged areas.

“There is a safety issue and also the repairs will sustain that little bit longer if people are not travelling through at speed,” Mr Marshall said.

The Council policy of building roads ‘to last’ had paid dividends this winter.

“The freeze, thaw effect will always take a certain toll on roads but I’d like to think each year we complete more rebuilds we will enjoy less damage when ‘pothole season’ rolls around,” Mr Marshall said.


For further information please contact Ian Marshall 03 441 0499.