Community Research

As a Council we're committed to building vibrant communities. As part of that, in conjunction with our partners we've undertaken a research project to better understand community groups and services, their current use of facilities, and their future demand for space. 

Our district is facing a period of unprecedented growth. We're all very aware of the challenges this growth is causing for things like roads, parking and housing. We're also hearing more and more that our community groups, services and facilities are under pressure.

This research project is significant and will allow us to better understand the opportunities and challenges that exist for community groups in our district particularly in relation to facilities. This data will be useful for all community groups, the Council and other funders to better plan for the future. 


Community Research report underway

Thank you to all the groups across the district who participated in our community groups and facilities research.  The survey responses and insights gathered from public meetings and interviews have resulted in a wealth of data to work through.  We are now working through and analysing all the information provided and hope to release the research report later in the year

The output of this research will be a report on community groups, services and facilities in the Queenstown Lakes District.

The data is already proving really helpful - check out some of the early insights here!


How will the research work?

The research project has gathered information using the following methods:

  • Survey 1:  Community Groups and Services, and their use of facilities in the Queenstown Lakes District (closed 12 July 2018)
  • Survey 2: Facility Owners/Managers in the Queenstown Lakes District. This survey is for any organisation or group that owns or manages a facility in the district (closed 12 July 2018)
  • Workshops with Community Groups held in Wanaka and Queenstown in June 2018.
  • Interviews with key stakeholders including regional funding organisations.


What were the surveys about?

Community Groups and Services:

As a community group or service based in the Queenstown Lakes District or delivering services in this district, we want to know about you!

Whether your group is formal or informal, if you meet regularly for organised activities or to deliver services then please take the time to complete this survey.

We will ask questions to better understand about your group or service, including where you are based, about your members, clients and volunteers, what activities you do, and your needs in relation to facility space. 

Facility owners or managers: 

We want to understand what different types of facilities are regularly being used by community/groups services in the Queenstown Lakes District and what challenges are being faced by facility owners.  

For the purpose of this research a facility can include: a building, park or reserve, a commercial or community space, or even a private home. 


Who do I contact for further information?


Our Partners

This research is led by the Queenstown Lakes District Council and sponsored by regional funders Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust of Southland and the Otago Community Trust.