Helpful Resources

There are lots of great resources available to help us prepare for an emergency. Here are just some that we have found.

Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management

This website outlines the activities of the NZ Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

Civil Defence Otago

This is a live website from Otago Regional Council Civil Defence.

Get Ready Get Thru Website

This website is full of resources and information about how you can make sure you and your family are prepared for a disaster.

What’s the Plan Stan?

This fantastic website is aimed at kids, teaching them how to help their families be prepared if a disaster occurs.


Use this website to get detailed weather forecasts for anywhere in New Zealand.  The website also includes heaps of other information including severe weather warnings and ski field reports.

HazardWatch Website

This website provides weekly reviews of natural hazard events reported in New Zealand.

Natural Hazards Information Centre

This website aims to provide you with a single point of contact for the latest research, resources, and scientific expertise on natural hazards in New Zealand.

Urban Search and Rescue

This website explains the importance of Urban Search and Rescue and provides you with news, contacts, links and publications, and staff information.

Business Continuity Planning

This is a section of the Ministry of Civil Defence website outlining key messages that all businesses should understand prior to initiating or reviewing continuity planning arrangements.

Food Safety in an Emergency

This is a section of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority website. 


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