At Work

Could your business survive a major emergency? This pages tells you how.

Plan Plan Plan!

You will need to prepare an emergency plan.  It is vital that your staff are involved in the preparation of the plan and that they are well educated on what to expect.  Get them to think about how they will manage their personal interests if they are unable to get home.


  • Hold staff exercises regularly.  Practice different escape routes and identify potential hazards. 
  • Discuss with your staff how hazards could be minimised.

Business Continuity

  • Consider and plan for how you will protect business assets, staff, equipment, facilities, IT systems, and reputation. 
  • Consider and plan for how your business might be able to support the Civil Defence response team.  Contact the Emergency Management Officer at the Council to discuss – phone 03 441 0499.
  • Consider and plan for the demand (if any) on your services after the emergency.

Other tips

  • Prepare a survival kit with enough supplies to last all staff for at least 72 hours.
  • Assess your premises for any vulnerabilities and plan for alternative premises if required.
  • Prepare an inventory of any dangerous goods stored on the premises and consider any safety issues.
  • Assign tasks to staff to eliminate confusion about who does what during an emergency.
  • Consider all of the resources and supplies you need to run your business – plan how supplies will be transported to you if the usual routes are inaccessible.  Also think about how you could source alternatives required.  
  • Store copies of vital records and information off the premises – in a fire and waterproof container – if possible. 
  • Communications systems may go down – consider alternative ways of communicating with your staff, supplies and customers.
  • Make sure your insurances are up to date.