Heritage Incentive Grant

The Council provides a heritage incentive grant to assist with the financial costs bourne by owners of listed heritage items including natural and built heritage items in the Queenstown Lakes District.

There are three types of grants:

Professional Advice

Can assist with advice on earthquake strengthening, building conservation plans, adaptive re-use feasibility studies and other studies to do with the conservation of the place, object or tree which will encourage their protection, preservation, maintenance and enhancement.


Can assist with reimbursing the landowner for land use consent and building consent fees incurred in preservation or adaptive re-use.  These are fees incurred because of the historic designation. 


Can assist with funding for routine maintenance work undertaken by heritage professionals.


Who can apply for a heritage grant?

Financial assistance will only be granted to Category 1, 2, and 3 historic buildings, sites and objects (including trees) as listed in the Inventory of Protected Features (Appendix 3) in the District Plan.


Apply now!

Download and fill in a Heritage Incentive Grant application form (PDF, 781KB).  

The form includes a checklist to help you with your application.

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