Lakeview Development: Information for Tenants

QLDC has been investigating options for the development of the Lakeview land for over a decade. A number of developments have now been approved to go ahead, supporting the growth and diversification of the Queenstown town centre, and including accommodation options for our community.

Many of the Lakeview cabins will be cleared from the land to begin this development. QLDC plans to keep some cabins in areas not immediately being developed. The remaining cabins will be available for short-to-medium term accommodation for Lakeview tenants with priority housing needs. All current tenants can apply for these cabins through the Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment process which is outlined below.

All the current tenancies (whether or not the cabins are likely to be removed in the short term) will be up for review. All tenants are eligible to apply for the reduced number of cabins remaining on the Lakeview land. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all current cabin tenants, and some tenants will need to find other accommodation.

The remaining cabins will be allocated on the basis of need.

QLDC is partnering with the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT) and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to evaluate any person or household wanting to occupy the available cabins. Detailed below are links to the Guide for this process and application forms.

Please note that these remaining cabins will all eventually be removed, though this could be some years away. Tenants who are allocated a remaining cabin will need to consider moving in the future.

The timeline for this process is:

18 April 2019

QLDC providing informal advice to all tenants of the Council’s intention and the process underway.

31 May 2019

Until 31 May 2019 all tenants can apply to QLCHT and MSD to remain in one of the cabins not immediately required to be removed.

July 2019

Tenants will be advised if they have been successful in being allocated one of the remaining cabins or not. Where tenants are selected to remain, QLDC will endeavour to keep them in their current cabin if possible. 

July 2019

Rental agent Harcourts will formally advise all tenants of their current lease end dates, and all tenants allocated a remaining cabin of their new lease start date. All new leases will remain under a standard residential tenancy agreement with a 90 day notice period.

October 2019

All cabins are to be vacated by late October 2019, and the relocation of tenants allocated a remaining cabin will take place at this time. There will be no requirement to vacate if you (a) qualify and (b) your cabin is not immediately in line for removal.

We are aware that this assessment process and the possible need to relocate may be challenging for some Lakeview tenants. We encourage you to seek advice from any social agencies you may be working with to assist you through this process. 

How to take part in the Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment:


All Lakeview tenants are eligible to be considered for a new lease in one of the remaining cabins and are invited to take part in the Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment, the process through which the remaining cabins will be allocated.

QLCHT and MSD will lead the Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment process for assessing the priority of those seeking accommodation in the available cabins. Priority will be assessed entirely independently of the Council using the QLCHT and MSD housing needs assessment processes.

Please complete both application forms as outlined in the steps below to apply for an available cabin.

Step One: Register with the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT):

Register with the QLCHT by completing the registration form on their website:

Please complete the fields with basic information about your household, then click on the orange ‘register’ button at the bottom. In the “Additional Message” section at the bottom of the form please confirm that you are Lakeview tenant, and provide your cabin number and address, along with any other information you would like to provide about your accommodation needs.   

Once you have completed this form you will be contacted by the QLCHT to complete the assessment.  If you have any issues completing the form please contact Corina Sommerville at QLCHT for assistance: 03 450 1745

As this is an online form you will need a computer to complete this application. The Queenstown Library has free public access computers available. Please book a time slot with one of the library staff if you want to make use of these computers. 

Step Two: Complete the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment Form:

Complete the MSD Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment form which can be downloaded here.

Once this application form is complete please email this to Judith McLellan at MSD:

If you require assistance emailing this form, please visit the Queenstown Lakes District Council office at 10 Gorge Road and one of the Customer Services team can email the completed form to MSD for you.  

Useful links:

Guide for Lakeview tenants on how to apply for an available cabin

Ministry of Social Development: Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment Form

Lakeview: QLDC Master Projects webpage

QLDC Media Release outlining the plans for Lakeview - 5 April 2019

Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park:

Please note: Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park is currently not affected by the development plans for the wider Lakeview land and continues to be open for business.

Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park offers a wide range of accommodation options including self-contained units, one bedroom studios and open plan studios. The Holiday Park has an extensive camping area which offers sites suitable for campervans, caravans, tenting, and are supported by modern, well serviced facilities.

The tenanted cabins on the Lakeview land (excluding the Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park) are managed by property manager Harcourts Queenstown. 

Key contact:

If you have any questions regarding the Lakeview Tenant Accommodation Assessment, please contact:

Marie Day

QLDC Senior Advisor, Community Liaison and Policy

Phone: 03 450 1732