Quality of Life


As a district we’ve grown fast. Really fast. There are more people, more tourists, more traffic, more everything. But what impact has this had on us all? 

To get a picture of life in our district, we recently conducted a Quality of Life survey with help from independent research company, Versus Research. 

This anonymous survey was carried out over September-October 2018 and was open to every resident over 18 years of age - from our long-term residents to our seasonal workforce.

Respondents were asked questions about a range of subjects including growth, safety, income, community connections and personal resilience.

To read the 2018 results, please click here.

For the FAQs, please click here.

Next steps

The aim is to use the findings from this survey to develop next steps together with community stakeholders in early 2019.

We will be exploring Quality of Life every year and will run the full survey every three years.