Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems

Property owners wanting to build in areas without a council reticulated waste water network need to submit a building consent to install a domestic Onsite Wastewater Disposal system. If improperly designed or installed these systems have the potential to contaminate waterways and areas outside your property so care must be taken. In certain cases a resource consent may be required from either the Otago Regional Council or QLDC. The application form details the requirements associated with an ORC resource consent.

Information Guidance

The below guidance document has been developed to assist owners with understanding the options for onsite wastewater disposal, the risks and restrictions involved as well as the consenting process that is required

AF OSW Application Form

The below application form has been designed to provide a risk based approach to evaluating the site, soil and system features associated with a building consent application. This evaluation aims to ensure that any potential risk to the environment or public health is fully mitigated through having a robust system design.


Building Consent Application

If you are planning on installing an Onsite wastewater system you will also need to make an application for a building consent. The required application documents for this are as follows: 

  • Proof of ownership: Certificate of Title, Rates Account, Sale and Purchase agreement or Lease provided 
  • Letter or email from the owner appointing agent

After you have downloaded and completed these forms they should be uploaded to the Building Services department using the Sharefile portal.