Residential Building Project Forms

Key information

  • Checklists accompanying applications require a sound technical knowledge of the NZ Building Code. It is recommended your designer assists with their completion.

  • Check forms and documentation requirements for intended building work. Missing information delays the start of processing and potentially processing itself.

  • Submit by uploading to QLDC Sharefile, with the correct file names. Save documents with the required name and in the required format straight away, to avoid later changes.


These QLDC guidance documents support understanding of the Building Consent process:

Required Documents

The following documents MUST be downloaded and submitted as part of your Building Consent Application:

Note: ensure floor areas of building work, and building work estimated values, match exactly on Form 2 and AF CALC. Building work values should be GST inclusive.

Also supply the following:

  • Proof of ownership, no more than three months old: Record/Certificate of Title, rates account, sale and purchase agreement or lease agreement
  • Letter or email from the owner appointing agent

And the appropriate processing checksheet below. Ensure any additional forms required for your building work needs are also included, to avoid delays in processing.


Building Consent Processing Checksheet

Select the appropriate checklist for the residential project.

These must be completed in full and submitted with application documentation.

Use either the PDF or Word version of CS 19.3 for all new residential Building Consents or significant amendments.

Submit by uploading to QLDC Sharefile, with the correct file names.


Additional Forms

Additional services requests may be required. Fill in and submit on QLDC Sharefile.  

If you wish to nominate a contact person who will be emailed all Inspection Reports please utilise this form:

Apply to connect to water, piped sewerage (wastewater) and/or stormwater

Apply to build a driveway over council property to a road

If an intended means of compliance is an Alternative Solution, use this form:

For a proposed Minor Variation, use this form:

If exemption from requiring a Building Consent (under Schedule 1, Building Act 2004) is intended, use these forms:

For a B2 Durability modification, use this form:

To apply for a waiver or modification to any clause of the building code as part of the Building Consent, use this form:

 To construct a building across two allotments, use this form:

To apply for a street footpath-damage deposit refund, if your original consent application required a deposit, use this form:

Submit by uploading to QLDC Sharefile, with the correct file names.


Code Compliance Certificates (CCC)

More information and forms are here

Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

More information and forms are here


Submitting documents and fees

Upload to QLDC SharePoint and find fee payment here.