Upload Applications and Supporting Documents

Key information

  • Completed applications are uploaded with the QLDC Sharefile system
  • Save with the required file names. This transfers files from your device to our systems in the right place
  • Save and upload in the required format. This is specified as PDF, Word, Excel or ZIP file. It may be different to a previous upload. Other formats are not supported
  • Ensure the correct fees are calculated
  • Ensure payment, with the correct reference number. If doing a transfer check the updated Building Services account number
  • Read the instructions below to avoid unnecessary delays

What is to be uploaded with Sharefile?

Use this system to upload the application and supporting documents for a:

  • Building Consent (BC)
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)
  • Certificate of Acceptance (COA)
  • Certificate for Public Use (CPU)
  • Amendment and Minor Variation
  • Exemption

Save files with the correct file names (below). This avoids unnecessary delays in initial screening and then processing.

Where are forms found?

Application forms, along with required check sheets, fee calculation, and information sheets are here.

File Name Requirements

After downloading, save files straight away with the files names below.

Ensure documents are saved or produced in the correct format. This could be PDF, Word, Excel or ZIP depending on the specific file.

For some applications, the required files have to be combined in a single PDF.

Building Consent application uploads

File name 

File contents

"BC App"

  • Form 2 - Building Consent Application (PDF)

  • AF CALC- Building Consent Calculator (MS Excel)

  • Proof of ownership e.g. Certificate of Title, rates notice etc.

  • Signed letter appointing agent

These documents must be brought together in ONE PDF file and uploaded with the filename "BC App"



Certificate of Design Work

Full title: Memorandum from Licensed Building Practitioner: Certificate of Design Work


“CS [number]”
e.g. CS 19.3 or CS 4.1C

Completed check sheet for your specific building project. This could be ONE of the following:

  • CS 19.3 Residential Processing Checklist (MS Word)

  • CS 4.1C Commercial BC Application Checklist (PDF)

  • CS 4.3 Insulation BC Application Checklist (PDF)

  • CS 4.1G Garages Carports Sheds BC Application Checklist (PDF)

  • CS 4.1MA Minor Alterations BC Application Checklist (PDF)

  • CS 4.1RW Retaining Wall BC Application Checklist (PDF)

  • CS 4.1SH Solar Heating BC Application Checklist(PDF)

Please send the file in its original format (i.e. MS Word for CS 19.3)



Full details of the technical plans for the building project collated in ONE PDF or a zip file



Full specification list for the building project collated in ONE PDF or a zip file


“CS 7.2”

CS 7.2 Agreement to Provide a Producer Statement (PDF since Apr 18)


“Producer Statements”

Producer Statement documents e.g. truss design, PS1, PS2s.

PDF as ONE file


Request for Information (RFI) uploads

File name

File contents

"RFI lodgement"

Requested information for the lodgement stage of your application 


"RFI processing"

Requested information for the processing stage of your application 


Other application uploads

File name

File contents

“MV [BC number]”

AF MV Application for Minor Variation to an Existing Building Request

Add the Building Consent (BC) number into the filename 


“CCC App”

Form 6 – Application for Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) 


“COA App”

Form 8 – Application for Certificate of Acceptance 



Form 12 or 12a – Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) application 


“CS App”

Form 27, 27R or SBCG 11 – Application for Compliance Schedule or Amendment 


“CPU App” 

Form 15 – Application for Certificate for Public Use (CPU)

CS9.1 – Certificate for Public Use Checklist 


“Ex App”

AF EX – Exemption from Building Consent application


Acknowledgement of upload

Once uploaded successfully, Building Services aims to email within two working days. This is after an initial screening of documents.

These are initial checks. Once in processing, a different officer may contact you if further details or clarifications are needed to proceed the application.

This email contains the BC number, if a Building Consent application.

The BC number is required for payment, all enquiries, and requests for booking building inspections, if granted.

If there is no email from Building Services in two working days, contact us to ensure upload was successful.

Upload Files Using Sharefile


  • Only submit one package of BC Application documents at a time
  • The size limit is 2GB per file

Sharefile has been updated. Follow these instructions to upload:

  1. Fill in all mandatory fields. This includes your Name, Email, Contact phone number and Reference.
  2. The 'Reference' is the BC number or application number. If not set yet, use the property address
  3. Drag files from an open folder into "Drag files here" or select Browse Files to navigate to your documents
  4. Once all relevant files are selected, select the "Upload" button
  5. Documents are successully on our system when "Uploaded" appears to the right of each file name:

  • Move through the "Uploaded" list with the scroll bar to the right

Required fees


  • The correct application number is referenced with every payment (e.g. BC180001)
  • The correct fee is calculated
  • Ensure floor areas and estimated building work value are exactly the same on Form 2 and AF CALC
  • The correct fee is paid online, or transferred to the correct account number

Refer to:



Application payments

Option 1 - Make payments online here

The correct application number is required.

Payments are reported by QLDC Finance to Building Services overnight, once a day.

Option 2 - Arrange payment through a bank

This can be done for all building, planning and development fees. This account changed as of 10 Jul 18.

Always enter the application number in the reference field (e.g. BC180001).

If the reference is incorrect or missing, payments are not linked to applications. Processing cannot start until the applicant rectifies this.

Payment must wait until an application number is generated, after initial application screening.

The BNZ account details are:

Account number:   02 - 0948 - 0002000 - 000

Enter these details when setting up bank payments:

  • Particulars: Name of payer

  • Code: Property address

  • Reference: Building Consent (BC) number, e.g. BC180001