Building Services Team

The Building Services Team

The QLDC Building Services department is made up three teams who are dedicated to serving and supporting the growth and development of the Queenstown Lakes District :

  • Building Consent Processing- Team Leader Ken Burroughs
  • Building Inspections – Team Leader Jason Wilkinson
  • Building Support Administration – Team Leader Sue Anderson

The Building Services Manager is Chris English

Our Office Locations

The Building Services team has offices in the following locations:

  • 74 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9348
  • 33-35 Reece Crescent, Wanaka 9305

Phone Enquiries

For General and Technical Enquires please call the below numbers during office hours (8.00am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

  • 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) 
  • 03 443 0024 (Wanaka)

Our Building Support team will assist you with all general enquiries relating to building consent application updates, fee payments, inspection booking requests, CCC application updates
Our Building Control Officers are available to assist with technical enquiries relating to building consent decisions, building code guidance, RFI requests, inspections guidance, CCC guidance, COA guidance, exemptions etc. If you have a technical enquiry it will be allocated to a Duty Building Control Officer who will investigate and then call you back before close of business, or at a time you request.

Inspection Bookings:

To book a Building Inspections please call 03 450 0369 during office hours (8.00am - 5pm Monday to Friday) or utilise the online booking form.

Please have your BC number and the name of the Licensed Building Practitioner (if inspection involves restricted building work) ready when you call to book.


If you have a general or technical enquiry you can also email us on . A Building Support Officer or Duty Building Control Officer will respond to you email.

Counter Enquires/Meetings

A face to face meeting can be arranged with a Building Control Officer at our 74 Shotover Street location, during office hours (8.00am - 5pm Monday to Friday). We encourage you to request a booking time for this meeting through either the general enquiries phone number or above email. Please provide clear details of what you’d like to discuss so that we can ensure the correct Building Control Officer and the necessary information is made available.


QLDC has established an online electronic portal called eDocs that allows the public to access records relating to their property and building consent application.

The eDocs portal links to the QLDC TRIM document management system and makes all document records that have not been marked as confidential accessible to the general public. The objective of this system is to provide an open and transparent approach to the accessing of property information. Through accessing this system you can view key information relating to:

  • Building Consent Application and Processing
  • Building Consent Issued Documents such as approved plans etc. 
  • Building Inspection reports 
  • Post Approval Information such as Code Compliance Applications. 

If you wish to review the email communication between QLDC and the agent for your Building Consent application you can access this information in this system.

The first time you use eDocs, you will need to register your email address and create a password and then you can login whenever you want. You can search for information by using your Building Consent number or valuation number.


The QLDC Building Services team strives to provide the best possible customer service in a highly challenging market environment; however we acknowledge that sometimes things don’t work out as they should. We apologise if you experience any frustration with our service and we encourage you to submit a formal complaint using this electronic form if our levels of service fail to meet your expectations.

All complaints are evaluated as part of our effort to continually improve our service levels to the Queenstown Lakes community. We commit to manage and resolve each complain in a fair, timely and objective manager, with response actions/remedies that are proportionate to the issues raised.

Information about what constitutes a complaint, responsibilities and response timeframes can be found in the QLDC Complaints Policy.