Heaters & Burners

Does it need a Building Consent?

This applies to:

  • Solid-fuel heaters
  • Wood burners
  • Fireplaces
  • Liquid-fuel heaters
  • Diesel heaters
  • Oil-fuel heaters

When intending to install a heater of one of these types, a Building Consent is required.

The same is true if intending to replace or move one.

Modifications to these heaters need a Building Consent, unless covered by exceptions. More information from MBIE here.

What is considered in processing applications?

When processing these Building Consents, QLDC considers the requirements of the NZ Building Code, AS/NZS 2918 Domestic solid fuel burning appliances, the manufacturer’s installation instructions, local, district and National Environmental Standards for Air Quality.

Do requirements vary between locations?

In certain areas, these types of heaters are prohibited. In others they are required to meet emissions standards.

Check attachments to your Certificate/Record of Title, the District Plan and Otago Regional Council emissions guidance before purchasing a new wood burner.

An Otago Regional Council (ORC) flow-chart guide to towns and locations is here (PDF).

What models are approved?

The Ministry for the Environment provides guidance and listings here.

What is needed to apply?

Choose between the solid fuel and the liquid fuel checklist, to complete in conjunction with the Building Consent application.

The supporting documentation required is:

  • Floor plan showing location of the proposed fire and smoke alarms
  • Fireplace/flue specification and installation instructions
  • Floor/wall protection detailing and penetration flashing details

Information sheets, application forms and checklists are here.

Replacing old burners in Arrowtown

Otago Regional Council (ORC) administers a subsidy programme for specific towns for those wishing to replace old, non-compliant wood burners. Only Arrowtown is included in Queenstown Lakes District. 

Refer to ORC for more information here.

More information

Better burning guidance here (ORC).

Better burning FAQs here (ORC).

Detailed guidance on Building Code compliance is on the MBIE Building Performance website here.

Guide to air quality monitoring in Otago here.

Daily air quality monitoring at monitoring sites on a map here, linking to Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA) presented data.

Air quality notifications (if present) here.